“We can’t rewrite history, but we can learn about her story as well”

Our Story

Abhaya is a pan-India initiative committed to educating and empowering women to ensure that everyone, regardless of age gets the oral health care they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Indian Dental Association (IDA) has tied up with Group Pharma for this initiative; which was launched on 29th March, 2022 by Dr. Bharati Pawar, Union Minister for Health & Family Welfare of India,

Our events and campaigns online and on offline platforms will to sensitize people on the significance of women’s oral health. We build upon the experience and expertise of over 75,000 dedicated dental professionals across India to address women’s oral healthcare concerns. To improve overall health, women must improve their oral health for higher self-esteem and confidence. Since women are predominantly caregivers, they influence their entire families’ oral health and well-being.

We are here for her smile.


Our vision is building a strong foundation for women to maintain a healthy smile at every age and stage of life through compassion, commitment, innovation and connection.


Abhaya initiative is critical to oral health equity and the eradication of needless suffering by the following goals:-

  • Promote oral health for women by providing effective resources, interventions and influencing government policy
  • Reducing disparities and improving outcomes for our deprived Indian women
  • Provide Dental professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and address the Oral health issues of women.
  • Establish a chain of Abhaya Centers for making care accessible.
  • Bolstering Research for future Oral interventions.

Strategic Plan

  • Encourage Women to give priority to health and ensure access care.
  • Address the unique Oral health issues by intervention and prevention by incorporating the following:

    • Revolutionary advances in intervention techniques.
    • Develop and promote innovation in Oral health care;
    • Lastly connecting the professional pool with the women in community.

We translate and convey the advances and progress to health professionals, professional organizations, public and the government through organized efforts.

Ensuring women live their best life
Reaching out to every woman

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