We envision a healthier life for every
woman in India with daily Oral Care.

Abhaya Center are Certified Dental clinics where the Dentist offer counseling to women, behaviour therapy, self-help materials and educational data card. These clinics form the supportive infrastructure for improving oral health, where the dentist is a trained professional having the skill sets to advance periodontal monitoring and excellent oral hygiene advice. This is especially important for women who may be noticing changes in their mouths during times of hormonal fluctuation.

Why we are here

To improve Oral health of women as they have unique oral health needs which are influenced by erratic hormonal changes during menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and menopause. Many women in India suffer from poor oral health due to lack of knowledge, access to care, remote location, work and household responsibilities.

Poor oral health outcomes create lasting health burdens that make it more challenging for women to live healthy and flourishing lives. Abhaya initiative could lead to improvement in women’s oral health by creating awareness, education, advocacy, and mobilize communities for women’s health and rights through regular programmes .

ABHAYA like a catalyst will bring together the entire ecosystem of stakeholders to enable women to take better care of their oral health. After all, healthy women are at the core of a healthy future.


Our vision is building a strong foundation for women to maintain a healthy smile at every age and stage of life through compassion, commitment, innovation and connection.


Promote oral health for women by providing effective resources, interventions and influencing government policy

Strategic Plan

Encourage Women to give priority to health and ensure access care.

Our Focus

IDA’s ongoing commitment to promote and support oral health of women spearheads the change needed in perception of importance of women’s oral health – a much ignored aspect in India. The basis of this initiative is to build a strong foundation for empowering women by awareness, prevention, and diagnosis with right affordable treatment. This hopefully will have a domino effect for a brighter, healthier and happier future for all.

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