We envision a healthier life for every
woman in India through everyday Oral Care.

Why we are here

In India, many women suffer from oral health conditions due to lack of knowledge, unaffordable dental care, poor transportation, remote location, work and household responsibilities. Poor oral healthcare could lead to a range of diseases and disorders, including Diabetes, Cardiovascular Abnormalities, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and more. Our mission is to get the conversation on women’s oral health started and sustain awareness and education through regular programmes. ABHAYA brings together the entire ecosystem of stakeholders to enable women to take better care of their oral health. After all, healthy women are at the core of a healthy family.

Our Focus

The crux of this project is building a strong foundation in women’s oral health

With a mission of anchoring a legacy of innovation in impactful medicines and solutions to make oral healthcare equal and accessible for women across stages of awareness, precaution, diagnosis and cure.

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